W is for Whoa!

We were so lucky to be given passes to Whoa! Studios to check out the new stage show + enjoy the amazing playground. Despite this place being a mere 10 minutes from our house, it’s actually the first time we’ve been! And as soon as Peyton saw the playground her face lit up and she was off!

Firstly, the playground…it’s fantastic! The biggest hit with my 2 year old were the in-ground trampolines and the toy rocket ship. But she pretty much explored everything. I love the colour and the beauty of the design and how it’s focused on imaginary play with the rocket + pirate ship. We’ll be back for sure (outside of school holidays next time).


Then the show – we saw ‘Space Aliens from Outer Space’.

We took Peyton to Hi5 last week and she was prob a little young as she didn’t last the whole show but this time she was hooked! It helped that she is currently obsessed with blue and all the main puppets have blue faces but that aside, she loved seeing the different characters and has been talking about “Agar” the evil villan ever since. I’m pretty sure the actual story was lost on her but it didn’t matter. The running time was perfect for a toddler and I’ll 100% be taking her to their next release.


So pretty much a 10/10 from us.

photos me and the Whoa Studios Facebook page (impossible to get clear shots of the playground during holiday time so I’ve borrowed these ones!)

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