It’s not forever.

Sometimes as a mum we get caught up on the things we miss about the pre-baby days.

I miss wearing heels to work, I miss being spontaneous, I miss my bestie when our babies had different nap schedules, I miss going to the gym every morning, I miss reading in bed in the mornings, I miss traveling, I miss working….

I miss, I miss, I miss.

Missing work? It’s not forever. One day they’ll be at school and will never be home 24/7 with you again.

Missing travel? It’s not forever. One day they’ll be able to sleep well and adjust to new time zones.

Missing the gym? It’s not forever. One day they’ll be happy for Daddy to give them breakfast or put them to bed.

Missing your friends? It’s not forever. One day your babies will be best buddies.

Being a mum is hard. 

But once your baby is at kindy, you will never have them at home with you all day ever again. Scary, huh? You literally have three years in your whole life before they start to become independent. So enjoy it. and remember soon you’ll be working and travelling and wearing stilettos every day but you’ll be missing playing playdough and having baby cuddles and sleeping next to your baby because it’ll all be gone too soon.