Why winter with kids is the best season

You think I’m crazy, right? Winter, the best season? But it truly is! I am such a summer lover – give me 35 degrees and a beach any day, but my daughter is not. She doesn’t like the “hot” as she calls the patches of sunshine on the ground and prefers to stay in the shade. She hates putting on sunblock and wearing sunhats and doesn’t enjoy running around the beach in wet togs.


Walking in the crisp winter air down a wild west coast beach or exploring a new bush track or seeing a waterfall after a storm makes you feel so alive.

or give this girl a long driveway full of muddy puddles and she’s so happy!

and some of my most favourite moments are when we organise play dates at friends houses because there is actually nothing better than watching your children play while you get to chat with a friend with a hot drink in hand. It’s so calming and so easy and so happy.

and then there’s crafts and painting and playdough morning and baking afternoons.

So this winter my plan is to play outdoors as much as we can. To encourage imagination and exploration. To create memories. To have fun. and to end the day with hot drinks snuggled up on the couch with our favourite stories.

H E R E ‘ S  T O   R U N N I N G   W I L D   A L L   W I N T E R