Monday, Amazing Monday

Run Wild Beautiful Child Monday Good Vibes

How do you wake up on a Monday?

Generally, the hubby’s back at work and you’re holding down the fort once again! Have you got to get the kids to school, think of activities for the babies, plan play dates, go to work, run errands, plan meals etc etc etc? Do you dread Monday’s?

Monday’s are amazing!

They are a fresh start. They are full of excitement about what’s to come in the week ahead. They are the start of everything new and a day when it’s perfect to wake up and reset your mind. As with anything in life, it’s your outlook that sets that tone. 

So, how can you make Monday’s amazing?

  1. Create a special Monday ritual. It could be a special cafe date with your children, yoga with a friend or just time out to read a book in bed before you get up. Have something that makes you look forward to every Monday.
  2. Make it a day of gratitude. Even if there is no other day in the week when you can carve out time to practice gratitude, make an effort on a Monday. Before you get out of bed think, or journal, at least 3 things you are thankful for and fill your soul with positive vibes.
  3. Use Sunday to plan. Before you go to bed on Sunday, make sure you’ve planned out healthy meals for the week, you’ve filled out all your to-do’s in your diary and you’ve got everything sorted for the kids that week. Then you’ll wake up knowing everything is done and in order and you can start the week on a positive note (rather than being rushed and stressed).
  4. Create a Monday playlist. Everyone has songs that put them in a great mood or remind them of happy times. Make these your Monday playlist. Then start cranking it when you get up, in the car (and sing along!), at your desk at work…whenever you need to bring that smile back to your face.
  5. Focus on your long term plan. Do one thing every Monday that sets you closer to your long term goals. Put money into savings for a holiday, read an industry blog post that helps you learn for your career, make an appointment to view houses on the weekend – whatever your goal, you’ll feel that much closer to the happiness it will bring you. Run Wild Beautiful Child Monday Good Vibes

Because remember, when you’re happy then it’s much easier to focus on the happiness of your family too.

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