Mama’s who Rock: Danielle Symes

Catching up with beautiful Mama’s to see how they rock this whole wonderful / crazy / frustrating / magical mama life!

My name is… Danielle Symes
I’m a Mum to… Harper who is 3.5 years old and a little girl who should be arriving any day now. and my favourite thing about being a Mum is…. All of the kisses, no matter how sloppy they are.

My favourite way to spend time with my child is… I love our mornings together cuddled in bed where we discuss what we dreamt about and what we are going to eat for breakfast that day. Its pretty much the exact conversation every day but his enthusiasm never dwindles.

When I’m not in Mama mode, I can be found… taking photos or styling. I am a photographer most days of the week but I also work for Westfield as a stylist which involves taking women shopping and finding clothes to suit their lifestyle and body shape.

I’m totally rocking this mama life because… of wine haha! But I also love being a working mum, and finding a balance between being a mum and having a career is a tricky juggle so I try to keep the two pretty separate. When I have day’s with Harper I make sure I am 100% present (and only occasionally sneak in the odd Instagram refresh)

But the one thing I always make time for, for myself is…. my morning coffee (‘sss)

Since becoming a mama, something I’ve learnt is… How quickly time goes.


3 things on my bucket list are… to go back to Lucerne in Switzerland with my husband and kids to visit the spot where Brad and I eloped to, to volunteer as a clown in hospitals for the Starlight foundation, to homeschool the kids and travel Australia in a camper van.

My dreams for my child are… that he is kind and confident.

If time and money were no object, I would spend my day… traveling with Brad and the kids and showing them the world through experiences.


My go-to easy family meal is… Chicken and couscous salad

Our favourite family routine / ritual is… Banana pancakes every Saturday morning

Someone/thing that inspires is… My husband Brad (sorry to be that soppy person) but seeing how hard he works and then still comes home in the best mood to us every day is incredible. He is the most selfless person I know and I often wish I could be more like him.

My favourite quote is… if your dream’s don’t scare you they aren’t big enough.

You can connect with me at:
Instagram: @danielle_symes

Thanks so much for sharing a little glimpse into your Mama life, Danielle. Personally, I love following your stunning Instagram and you are such a creative inspiration. Keep doing what you do mama, you rock! xx

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