colour me beautiful

what do you think when you hear the words “paint”?

Ruined clothes?


This is what I hear from so many mums!

But how about these words…creativity, self-expression, exploration…

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Painting is such a simple activity to do with children and they can learn so much. Firstly there’s the physical things…talk to them about colours, see what happens when they mix colours and see how the paint feels when they run their hands (or feet!) through it.

Then the things that you can’t see but are so so important for young children. They learn about self-expression, about creating something unique, about perspective (just look at the paintings of a cat by 2 year old to see how they perspective on things is so different!). They learn about the process – pouring paint, mixing, using different brushes, drying, cleaning up.

Get them painting different things – pinecones, cardboard, circular objects or see what happens when you use brushes vs sponges vs feathers. Roll out a big sheet of paper in the backyard and get them to paint it in any way they can – use their whole body!

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset


Painting can help a child deal with emotion – think about how you may paint something if you felt angry vs if you felt calm. Painting keeps very active children still and teaches them to focus on one task.

Mess is a part of childhood discovery. Throw on those old clothes and muck in with them. Because painting never stops being fun, no matter how old you are!*






*and if you reeeeeeeeeally hate the mess at home then get to your local PlayCentre asap! I have literally been doing PlayCentre for 1 month and I cannot sing it’s praises highly enough. 

2 thoughts on “colour me beautiful

  1. Love this story! Awesome. And when you are face/body painting with your kids at Playcentre, let them paint your face! How empowering is that! So cool. Love the pics too.

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