Mamas who Rock: Jade Kelly

Mamas who Rock: Get a small glimpse into what other mums love about mum life and how they keep a happy & positive mindset.


Hi lovelies 🙂 My name is Jade, I have an amazing fiancé Mark & we love & adore our almost 3 year old daughter Lola. Oh, we recently added a puppy to our family too (Maximus).
I’m a stay at home mum & I also run my small business from home too (Bleubell MacramĂ©). Lola is definitely a mummy’s girl which is awesome. We have girly days doing each others hair and makeup, we love spending warm days down at Bell Block beach.
When Mark isn’t working we’re out doing as much as possible or we’re outside working on our garden (it’s a working progress )


What’s your favourite thing about being a Mum? 

Yikes, there’s so many amazing perks to being a mum!!
Definitely the love & affection lola dishes out, she’s so caring & loving – It makes me soooo proud as a mum!
And I can’t forget the kisses and snuggles & the fact that she’s little miss independent.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt about yourself as a Mum / how have you changed since you became a Mum? 

Definitely that I can no longer put myself first.. I was quite selfish I guess, I always put myself first in most cases. But since having Lola, I’ve realized that I just can’t do that now. She definitely comes first in everything!


What’s your favourite way to spend time with your children?

I’m a sucker for cuddling up on the couch with Lola and watching a movie, or the sweet moments when she falls asleep with her bedtime story

How do you carve out some ‘me time’ into your life?

What’s your top tip for keeping happy and positive as a Mum?
(For me these 2 questions have a joint answer)

I think the thing that’s helped me stay happy & positive is having 1 day a week to myself. Lola will go to either of her Nanny’s for a day. Having her come home makes me appreciate her so much more!
That one day also helps to keep me sane We all know that kids can be stressful, parents need some me time.
Also going out & doing things with Lola is a biggy, she hates being cooped up & so do I.
The outdoors keeps us both happy & positive 🙂
Knowing that I’ve got Mark to help me raise our gorgeous girl is a bonus.


Aside from your family, what’s makes your truly happy in life?
Aside from Lola & Mark, I’d say my business (As sad as that sounds ). It gives me something to focus on, something to work towards. I love the fact that people out there have a little something made by me hanging in their homes, now, a part of their lives.


Thanks Jade for chatting to us 🙂 I am soo in love with your gorgeous macrame pieces (I think I need to drop some hints to hubby for a birthday pressie!)

Check out the beauty here:

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