When my baby turned one

I found this old piece of writing from last year and I wanted to re-share it as I need it to live on this blog so I never forget. My little baby // big girl is now TWO but this was written just after her very first birthday. 


Sometimes things hit you when you least expect them. One little, seemingly insignificant moment, can bring on a rush of emotions and thoughts and memories that you just weren’t prepared for.

Last week my daughter turned one. And on the day of her birthday party I tied a bunch of balloons onto the letterbox, like many parents have done before me and continue to do for every one of their children’s parties. A seemingly small moment, something you do in a hurry without really thinking about it. But as I watched those 3 small balloons blowing in the breeze I realised just what a big moment this was. Her very first birthday party. Her very first year had come to an end. No longer was she a little baby but a ‘big girl’ wanting to do everything for herself.

The last year has been full of firsts and new experiences as together we figured out this mother / daughter relationship. And I will never forget any one of all of the firsts.

The first time she smiled.

The first time she laughed.

The first time she rolled over, then crawled and then walked way too early.

I know the first time she felt the wind on her face and the sand between her toes, the warm bath water and the cool salty ocean.

The first time she said mama.

The first time she saw animals and read books and played on the swing and watched sesame street and sat in the sand at the beach. The first swimming lessons and tastes of new foods and…

The first birthday.

My little baby is no longer a baby. She’s a walking, running, babbling toddler. And although I’m a little bit sad that she’s not the tiny sleeping baby that I bought home from the hospital last year, I’m also so excited to see her grow this year. She’s so curious, so aware and so full of energy. I can’t wait to show her more of the world and let her explore. Let her be independent and let her run to me when she needs to.

My life is richer because of her.

My baby, my little girl, my daughter – my reason for being. I love you.

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