Mamas who Rock: Nichole Brown

Mamas who Rock: Get a small glimpse into what other mums love about mum life and how they keep a happy & positive mindset.


I have one beautiful daughter, Emmy – almost 4, and we live in Mangawhai which is a cool little beach town, so when I’m not working (I’m a Contract Writer) we spend most of our home days at the beach.

What’s your favourite thing about being a Mum?

It’s the little things I love the most – the sleepy cuddles, holding hands in the supermarket, letting her paint my nails. She’s my little miracle baby – I struggle with endometriosis and PCOS so I feel incredibly blessed to finally be a mum. I spent many heartbreaking years wanting nothing more than late night bottles, and nappy changes, and the spew badge of honour on my shoulder, so now that I get to do this Mummy thing, I love every single bit of it.
What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt about yourself as a Mum / how have you changed since you became a Mum?

I used to feel invincible – now I feel very small, and fragile, and breakable. It’s so hard getting used to the feeling that the very best part of you is running around outside, and climbing trees, and going to kindy without you. I worry more, I care for the environment more, and I’m much more cautious. In saying that, she also encourages me to cut loose and be brave, so it’s the best of both worlds.
What’s your favourite way to spend time with your children?

Adventuring! We are huge travel fans. We love hiking, beaching, discovering new places, camping, and just being together somewhere new. We don’t do so well being stuck inside so we try and spend most of our days at the beach, or in our little garden, or going on bush walks

What’s your top tip for keeping happy and positive as a Mum?

Fill your home with music – we dance, we sing, we pretend we can play the guitar. It keeps us on the same level, it helps me to lighten up and relax a little more, and there is no way – even on your worst day – that watching your child sing, dance, and be crazy, won’t make you smile.

How do you carve out some ‘me time’ into your life?

This is a very new thing for me. I’ve struggled with ‘me time’ as I always just want to be with Emmy, but now that she is more independent and needs her own space, I’ve recently signed back up to the gym.
Aside from your family, what’s makes your truly happy in life?

Writing. I absolutely love my job. Every time I submit a new article, or business blog, or magazine column I still pinch myself that this is my real job. When I started blogging a little over a year ago I could never have imagined it turning into my absolute dream job, and while I don’t believe in luck, this job is one of the things in life that make me feel pretty lucky.

Thank you SO much NicholeΒ – I can’t wait to keep following all of the adventures you and the gorgeous Emmy have! A real inspiration for me and my own daughter xxx

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