run wild this summer

the ‘real’ summer is yet to hit us here in auckland so we’re making the most of the zoo / indoor activities right now BUT we are hanging out for some amazing sunshine so we can tick these off our summer must-do list!


go chasing waterfalls there’s more than you realise in nz, including some hidden in the middle of the cities. your essential guide at


pick your own fruit or buy fruit from a road side stall. pretty much a kiwi summer rite of passage.


pitch a tent it could be at a campsite or just in your backyard. do camping for real or play camping. either way, you’ll make some fun / funny memories.



find a ‘secret’ beach / swimming spot somewhere that you never usually go but somewhere that will become your new favourite spot.


have a party even if it’s not your child’s birthday because who doesn’t love a good pool party / bbq / summer get together, and every day should be a celebration!


get out on the water kayaking / ferry rides / paddle boards…get exploring offshore and see what you can discover!


climb sand dunes because you’ll be treated with amazingness like this.



go for a bush walk and see what treasures you find to turn into craft projects when you get home.


dance to live music we are so lucky to have free concerts in parks and music festivals all through summer. take the kids, have a dance party and let them soak up those summer vibes.


get messy with paint make the most of the summer weather, crank the music up load, let the creativity flow and get messy!


invent your own ice-cream flavour or banana nice cream or banana pops as we’ll be doing over here.



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