Mamas who Rock: Lauren Murphy


My name is… Lauren Murphy. I’m a Mum to… Cuba (16 mths)Β and my favourite thing about being a Mum is…. Having a little bestie permanently by my side to share the world and its experiences with. And looking into my son’s innocent soul as he smiles back at me as i put him to bed each night.

My favourite way to spend time with my child is… Doing the things he loves. Like heading to Currumbin beachfront to wait for dogs to walk by so he can excitedly pat them or pushing him on the swing at the park.

Image 2

When I’m not in Mama mode, I can be found…Β with my girl boss heels on! I work as a Publicist for a PR firm & am also a Fashion Stylist. If i’m not mama’ing OR working you’ll catch me getting my eyebrows threaded, window shopping or scrolling Pinterest for upcoming fashion shoot inspo.

I’m totally rocking this mama life because… Cuba is happy πŸ™‚ That is my ultimate goal. If my son if constantly smiling then i’m doing something right. I also have a beautiful, supportive partner and family who are huge contributions to me rocking this mama gig.

But the one thing I always make time for, for myself is…. Binge watching reality TV shows like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills once Cuba goes to bed. My fiancee’ works away 1 week on, 1 week off so that means i have free rein of the tv for a whole week!

Since becoming a mama, something I’ve learnt is… It’s ok to ask for help. I have always tended to internalise any problems i have and would be too shy to speak up or ask anyone for assistance. Since being a mum I realise there’s no time to be proud and there are certainly times you just need to ask for help and everything will workout better for it.

3 things on my bucket list are… 1) To have a beautiful wedding (we got engaged last year but are yet to plan anything for the wedding) 2) Travel to Europe as it’s somewhere i have never been and my fiancee’ has a lot of family in England who he would love Cuba to meet. 3)To step up my career and become a successful, (hopefully well known), stylist.

My dreams for my child are… To walk to the beat of his own drum always. Never circum to any peer pressures and to be a leader not a follower. I hope Cuba stands up for not only himself but also others that may be weaker. I of course also wish for his safety, happiness and good health and most of all, to always feel loved by his father and I.

If time and money were no object, I would spend my day… Eating out for every meal, planning our next holiday and online shopping new outfits for Cuba (and ok maybe myself too).

My go-to easy family meal is… Spaghetti Bolognese with Turkey Mince .

Our favourite family routine / ritual is… Most Saturday mornings when Cuba’s dad is back from work the 3 of us go to the free bird feeding at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary then for a morning walk and finishing up on the grass with the beach as our view, sharing Pattaya Bowls.

Image 1

Someone/thing that inspires is… My mum. I was one of 6 kids growing up and when i was 24 and my youngest brother was 13, my parents fostered 5 young siblings (4 boys and a girl, aged 18mths -5yrs). Watching my mum practically start parenting all over again and to know that she has many hard years still ahead of her proves how selfless she is – 57 years old and now a mother of 11. I want to be more like her and give more every day.

My favourite quote is… Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons

You can connect with me at:
Instagram: @thestylefiles.aus

Thanks so much for sharing a little glimpse into your Mama life, Lauren. I love following your gorgeous style (and Cuba’s!) over the ‘gram. Keep doing what you do mama, you rock! xx

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