Mama’s who Rock: Leticia

Catching up with beautiful Mama’s to see how they rock this whole wonderful / crazy / frustrating / magical mama life!

I’m a Mum to…Lola,Nico and Pipe(little P)
and my favourite thing about being a Mum is….spending my time with my little ones and learning so much from them

My favourite way to spend time with my child is…in nature, having a different adventure everyday and enjoying outdoor activities

When I’m not in Mama mode, I can be found…in yoga or at home working while they take their nap.

I’m totally rocking this Mama life because…I get to do what I like the most and that is spending my time with them.

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 9.12.04 pm

But the one thing I always make time for, for myself is….Yoga. I practice everyday so there’s always space for that. I usually practice while they are still sleeping(very early in the morning)

Since becoming a mama, something I’ve learnt is…that having kids is the only way to discover the real and pure love. Nothing compares to how I feel about them.

3 things on my bucket list are…having another baby, a doggy for my little ones and moving to Hawaii.

My dreams for my child are…that they are happy and filled with life and good energy as well as respectful and accepting of every other human and non human being.

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 9.13.17 pm

If time and money were no object, I would spend my day...the same way I do, at the beach with my family, nothing makes me happier.

My go-to easy family meal is…acai Bowl

Our favourite family routine / ritual is…weekend ice creams. They are a must and we are very strict with this routine hahahahaaha

Someone/thing that inspires is…those we are always willing to help others and leave everything behind to help those in need.

My favourite quote is…“Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it” PETER PAN 😉

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