…H A P P Y    N E W    Y E A R…


instead of resolutions, this year it’s about creating a mantra. resolutions can make you feel guilty if you don’t achieve them, but a mantra is a way you’re going to try to live your life. you may slip up from time to time but your mantra will bring your focus back.

this is my focus.

…i will be present. this moment is all that matters…


sometimes I can be guilty of planning the future or looking forward to things that are ages away. I think it’s an ingrained habit from working in a very forward planning media industry for so long!! So I want to bring myself back into the present moment and see each & every moment for the beauty that it is. To make the most of every minute in the day and not to rush through. and the most important thing to me, is to give my daughter 100% of my attention when I’m with her. It’s so important to me that I know she’s feeling loved and wanted and safe.


the things i’m looking forward to with my family in 2017 are…

our first family camping trip.

adopting bulldog puppy.

joining playcentre.

having an overseas holiday.

watching my ‘big girl’ (as she calls herself now!) learn and grow.

cheers to 2017.

bring it on.

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