Mamas who Rock: Clare Grove

Chat’s with Mums: Get a small glimpse into what other mums love about mum life and how they keep a happy & positive mindset.


Clare is a mother of three, Sienna 11, Annabel 8 and Ben 4 ½.  She was born in London and moved to Auckland with her Kiwi husband over ten years ago. Her first daughter was born in the UK and she felt that a life in New Zealand would suit them all better. Even though she misses family and friends they all love the lifestyle here and would never go elsewhere.

I have a daughter who just loves Clare’s book “My Mummy loves shoes” so I’m so happy and grateful that Clare agreed to feature on the blog and share a little insight into her mama life with us.

 What’s your favourite thing about being a Mum? 

When the children write a poem or draw me a picture and tell me that they love me. I keep all the notes and drawings they have done in an album. As they get older they seem to be a bit embarrassed by me, so I hold on to these precious notes (my 11 year old won’t even hold my hand walking up the road anymore!).

Creating happy memories and nurturing them into social, happy children is my main aim. Mind you, the other day I tried to get into my 8 year old daughter’s bedroom and she had stuck a note on her door saying “I HATE MY LIFE”. On days like that I wonder whether I’m doing such a good job as a mother!

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt about yourself as a Mum / how have you changed since you became a Mum? 

It was a bit of a shock first becoming a mum. I had no idea just how much time and energy and patience this little bundle would take up. I didn’t have any friends with babies so didn’t really have anyone to ask all those first baby questions. “What to expect when you’re expecting” and the other books in that series were my baby Bible. Since becoming a mother I’ve 100 percent become less selfish. I also now appreciate a full night’s sleep as this was something I took for granted before having kids (as was watching a full movie on a flight).

What’s your favourite way to spend time with your children?

Before the girls started school some of their favourite things to do were to visit Auckland Zoo or the parks in Mission Bay. The Herne Bay beaches are also a lovely place to take a picnic and some of them have swings hanging from the trees which kept them entertained for hours. Ben’s new favourite place is the newly opened playground on Takapuna beach.

What’s your top tip for keeping happy and positive as a Mum?

Am I allowed to say wine?! I think the key thing for remaining positive on challenging days is to try and stay as calm as possible, take deep breaths, and count to ten.

How do you carve out some ‘me time’ into your life? 

Going for a long walks, sitting down and reading glossy mags with a cuppa or glass of wine and a good night out with girlfriends all help with the balance of being a mum and work (and not to mention keep me sane).

Aside from your family, what’s makes your truly happy in life?

I’ve found that writing and illustrating the ‘My Mummy Loves’ books has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. The feedback received from wonderful designers, celebrities, mothers, and the friends I’ve met via social media (mainly Instagram) has been amazing. Designing the FashPack app over the past six months and seeing how much people are enjoying using my emojis also makes me incredibly happy.


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Instagram: @mymummyloves

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