Whatever the weather, every day

Bunny and Bee go out to play. Whatever the weather, every day.

A quote from one of Peyton’s favourite books and the truth in our household. Peyton is such an outdoors baby! She loves running around, climbing, exploring, digging in the garden, playing at the playground, being chased etc etc so we try to get out of the house every morning!


Even when it’s rainy, we will either put on jackets and head somewhere fun like the zoo or just pop out to a garden centre that has a kids playground attached. That way we’re still getting fresh air but managing to keep dry too. No cabin fever here!

It’s so easy to just stay inside on wet days and blob, but that’s never been my style. So I aim to get out in the fresh air in the morning and have some fun playtime / adventures and then we have a quieter afternoon at home either going to the park, playing in the garden or doing inside activities like baking, colouring or playdough. I believe that being in the fresh air makes us happier…it makes you feel alive and I just love the little games that Peyton creates when she used her imagination outside. She finds little play houses in the trees and see animals and is totally free to run wild!


But even on sunny days, at this time of year the ground is often still wet in the morning which can prevent people from getting out because they don’t want their kids getting cold and wet. So if this is you, then you need to go and check out Mudmates! I swear that since I got a pair, I take them with me everywhere! Peyton always says “wet wet” and we have to dry swings and slides for her, but now she’s not fussed because she knows her pants stay dry. I think that these would be such a good first birthday present too!

So, with the first week of school holidays coming up make it your mantra – whatever the weather, every day! Your kids will love you for it!


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