Mamas who Rock: Hayly Whitby

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Introducing…Hayly Whitby

Well I have two beautifully crazy children, Cleo is 4 and Nixon is 2…we live for the summer sun, beaches, adventures, just sunshine in general! The beach is definately our happy place. Cleo’s and bit of a brain (no idea where she gets that from) and Nixon’s just an all round nutter with a personality to light up a room, but such a wee love bug. David’s the man of the house…If we didn’t have him….well we wouldn’t have Cleo and Nixon hahahaha. I have yet to return to work after having Cleo but I know as soon as she is at school and Nixon is at kindy all is set to change!
I have no strive to be a successful business woman, lawyer, brain surgeon or the like, all I wish is to be happy where I end up. My main goal is to be the best mum to my kids I can….but hey let’s be honest, I’m totally winging it! To be straight up I’m not a big achiever in life and I often look at people around me and think, what have I actually done with MY life….but then I look at my kids and say to myself, Hey wait a minute I have these guys! I semi had my kids young, I was 23 when I fell pregnant with cleo and totally thought my life was ruined but man how epic is my life now!
It is so much effort and hard work being a mum physically and mentally but man the best thing about it is how rewarding it is! You can actually see what you have created and see all that hard work each and every day, right in front of you, yelling and screaming hahaha but seriously how cool is it to say ‘those kids’ are mine….such an awesome feeling.
I am so proud to be a mum. seriously though don’t be a serious Nancy…if you wanna survive being a mum and totally smash it just roll with it. Don’t drown yourself with how to books or listen to those crazy mums at coffee groups….have fun…enjoy it..don’t stress over the little things…even the big things sometimes…we all turn out pretty sweet in the end…well that’s just how I’ve survived the mum job, I’m pretty relaxed about things…but I think I’ve done okay! Still I may have turned into a grey haired, no boob, semi crazy woman along the way!
But hmmm what else really makes me happy in life….apart from alcohol and food? Hahahaha we all know there the goods. But honestly one thing that really stands out for me is seeing my friends and family grow and create their own families…I just find it so crazy and amazing seeing what two people can create. Watching them go through all the milestones in life, weather it be good or bad and just being there with them along the ride. I think for most people it’s the same…without friends and family what would you be?
So it totally sounds like my kids are my life…which they are…and to some that shouldn’t be all that matters in life…but to me right now that’s what it is…when I’m out on my own I actually wish my kids where there with me. To be honest I think my kids give me more confidence. Is it a comfort thing? It must be, but I just love having them with me! But don’t get me wrong I definately like to get out of my mum rags and head out on my I said before alcohol and food definately make me happy so a sneaky dinner/drinks date with my gal pals…best feeling ever… I’m pretty lucky to have a wicked support system around me…both me and by partner have split family’s so there’s Nana and grandads for Africa! That’s one thing we definately couldn’t live without! Without time to ourselves me and David definately would have gone insane…I’m a bit insane usually anyway but I’d totally need to be admitted hahaha.
Now nearing 29, you’ll find me tucked up at home with my kids or out and about being a full on mum nut with them behind me enjoying every minute…I’ve been having a pretty sweet time these past 4 years but bring on the next few being a working mum with school kids and a minivan…. just what I’ve always wanted!
You can follow Hayly and her kid’s adventures here:Β

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