Little helpers & why you should let them help

I think it is a cutest thing when my daughter looks at me and says “help?” She is currently loving doing anything that we do – cleaning the bathroom, making dinner, vacuuming, even just carrying things around the house. She desperately wants to be able to do things that everyone else can do. And we let her.


Sure, it may take a little longer to get things done but in the big picture, does it really matter? Instead of rushing through chores, let’s get the kids involved. Seriously, make the most of them actually wanting to help – ha! And when they are so little, every day and every activity is a learning opportunity. So talk as you clean. Tell them what you’re doing and encourage them to try. Plus it can be a fun game! She hops into the laundry basket and we push her around the house as we put everything away. So much fun for a toddler!IMG_6403

My favourite thing is to get my daughter into the kitchen with me and getting her to make her own smoothies, mash bananas for cookies and put cut veges into a pan. This is how she’s tried eating veges too, because she’s involved and she sees the process. She loves making Daddy salads for lunch!

If they are helping with cleaning, your first thought is always of the chemicals they’ll be exposed to. But if you make an effort to use only natural products in your house then you have no worries. After trying ‘natural’ supermarket products, I recently tried Figgy & Co and I have fallen in love. Weird for a cleaning product, I know but I just feel like my house is so much fresher and cleaner. So I just had to share this little find with you mums!


Want to try Figgy & Co for yourself? Keep an eye on our Facebook page as they’re a part of our big giveaway this week…

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