Why it’s important to create a bucket list

A bucket list is where you write down all the things you want to achieve no matter how big and crazy or small & just for fun. I think it’s important to actually write down all of your goals and hopes and dreams because seeing them on paper (or screen) makes them real. Then if they are real you can start to make a plan to getting them ticked off. It keeps you accountable.

It also gives you something to strive and aim for. If you feel like you’re in a bit of a rut or things just aren’t very fun right now, so you can refer to your bucket list and start putting steps in place, even just 1 small thing every day, that sets you closer to your dreams.


Here’s my Top Ten Bucket List for my family and just for me


My dreams with my family

  1. Have a family holiday to Sydney (our 2nd home).
  2. Go to Wanderlust.
  3. Take Peyton to a music Festival or concert. Ideally Jimmy Barnes.
  4. Go to Singapore. Pretty much just to show Peyton the hippos at Singapore Zoo. But a week on Sentosa Island would be amazing…
  5. Take Peyton swimming under a waterfall and at the natural infinity pool at Kitekite Falls.
  6. Buy Peyton a globe and teach her about different countries / cultures.
  7. Go to The Big Island in Hawaii with my family to stay at Hilton Waikoloa and hike up an active volcano.
  8. Because I have a million other places I want to visit too, I’ll just list my top ones here…cruise the fjords in Oman, cycle Vietnam & Cuba, kayak through Costa Rica, volunteer with the pandas in Chengdu and take a cruise through the Bahamas.
  9. Take Peyton paddle boarding and kayaking.
  10. Get back into regular date nights with my husband at sports games – NBL season is coming up!! wooohoo!

My dreams just for me

  1. Read at least one inspiring book every month.
  2. Get back into regular yoga practice & start every morning with a sun salute.
  3. Do a yoga teaching course.
  4. Do a wellness / mindfulness / life course…something along those lines! I have big dreams in this space…
  5. Own a beautiful crystal collection, and know exactly what the benefits of each are.
  6. Own a Del Maar Bikini because doesn’t it just make you feel so good when you’re rocking a fab bikini at the beach and it’s summer..ahhh I love it! 
  7. Keep a gratitude journal & teach my daughter to do the same (0nce she’s old enough!)
  8. Make my own kombucha.
  9. Be able to work for myself, in any place I choose so I can always be there for my daughter.
  10. Create a book. Not just a photo book but an actual bound beautiful book. Even if no one else ever sees it.

So, your challenge this week is to create a bucket list! It can be 3 things or 300 things. It could be to start a business, to swim with crocodiles or to try a new restaurants or visit family more. It seriously doesn’t have to be big things – just things that will make you happy by achieving them.


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