winter essentials: good gut!

Here’s the things we’re loving this winter. Part one.
I literally do not have the time to get sick. It’s way too hard with a toddler running around! So it’s really important to be to make sure my family keep a diet full of foods that have high nutritional value to ensure we all feel our best. Β And one thing we def make an effort in is maintaining good GUT HEALTH!


Now because I’m no nutritionist or expert in this field I’m not going to tell anyone what to do but if you’re interested in reading more about why gut health is so important then these links are some awesome reading from Ben Warren of BePure (I went to one of his workshops and it was amazing!!)

So maybe this will just get you thinking and will start you off on a journey through Google (or just stick to the BePure blog – hours of goodness!!)

So quick and easy ways to boost your gut health and, in turn, boost your immunity? Here you go!

Kombucha. All 3 of us love Kombucha in our house. Fizzy drinks will never be seen in our fridge but it’s always stocked with fresh batches of Kombucha. If I’m buying it my favourite is Kombucha King Ginger, but these days we make it twice a week.
Now there are different opinions about giving this to a toddler but we started with a really small amount and she loves it and it never upset her stomach so she’ll be drinking this forever I’m sure!

Sauerkraut. Our fave is the Sassy Sauerkraut from Living Goodness. We pretty much have a serving at every meal. But our fave way to enjoy it is for breakfast with eggs, green veges, avocado and nutritional yeast (and yes, this is what my toddler eats for brekkie too).

You can make your own Β BUT there’s only so much time a mama has right?!

Gut Healing Gummies. We’ve tried citris, berry and chocolate/coconut and they are all so yummy and so quick to make! Grab the recipe here.

and we purchase our gelatin from here.

We recently got sent the Good Health Immuno-Biotic to try which is the pre+pro biotic in one. Such an easy way to give your immune system a boost, especially in winter! So adding this to the winter must have list! And I just went out and purchased the Good Health Viralex Kids Immune Chews too, which are a great tasting chewable tablet so super easy for young children to take.














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