Mamas who Rock: Sunniva Holt

Chat’s with Mums: Get a small glimpse into what other mums love about mum life and how they keep a happy & positive mindset.

Introducing…Sunniva Holt from The Daily Raw

I’m a coach, speaker and author and I create online success trainings. I get up early to write and do mindset work then after I drop Lily off at Kohunga I either work from home or from one of my favorite cafes. Afternoons are for grocery shopping, preparing dinner and getting everything else done before I pick her up again then we all go for a walk through Grey Lynn Park, have dinner together then read books before bedtime.

Run Wild Beautiful Child Sunniva Holt The Daily Raw

What’s your favourite thing about being a Mum? The earth shattering love you feel for another human being that you would never have even known to exist before having children. It brings me to tears sometimes just thinking about how much joy she brings to my life – was never this emotional before!

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt about yourself as a Mum / how have you changed since you became a Mum? I’ve learned to slow down and chill out. Priorities have changed dramatically, now family is far more important and the meaning of success has gone from the superficial, material things to being content and present, experiencing more with the ones I love.

Run Wild Beautiful Child Sunniva Holt The Daily Raw 1

What’s your favourite way to spend time with your children? Lily is obsessed with airports and flying, she’s always asking to go on a plane! Which is fantastic because we all love traveling. We also love going to the beach whenever possible and soaking up the fresh salty air.

What’s your top tip for keeping happy and positive as a Mum? Gratitude. When things are hard and there are a bunch of sleepless nights in a row, I just think how incredibly grateful I am to have her and it completely turns things around.

How do you carve out some ‘me time’ into your life? I love my early mornings, I usually get up around 4-5am to get a couple of hours to myself before anyone else is up. I often go to events at night, and yoga on Sunday mornings as well as travel on my own to seminars and courses around the world so I get plenty of me time these days. It makes me appreciate my family 10x more when I come home!

Run Wild Beautiful Child Sunniva Holt The Daily Raw

Aside from your family, what makes your truly happy in life? Growth. I’m a total personal development junkie, always looking to learn more, do more, stretch myself in different ways. So I try to make sure I get to something new at least every week or so whether its just something small or a full on seminar.

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