Run Wild Beautiful Child

Off the beaten path: Huia

Do you always go to the same parks, cafes and beaches? Do something a little different next time and discover somewhere new in your town. If you’re in Auckland, a little trip out to Huia is a must.

Run Wild Beautiful Child

Possibly the best view in town from any swingset.

Run Wild Beautiful Child

Run Wild Beautiful Child

Two separate playgrounds for the big kids and the not-so-big kids.

Run Wild Beautiful Child

You can never go wrong with a beach to explore and seashells to collect.

Run Wild Beautiful Child

And lots and lots of grassy fields to run wild in!

Stop in at The Huia Foodstore for a hot coffee, fresh baking or some classic fish’n’chips then head over to the park and spend the day feeling with you’ve really left the big city behind.

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